Saturday, January 10, 2009


I'm kindof new at this whole blogging process. My youngest daughter told me this would be a fun way to get more into the world of quilting. I really enjoy quilting, sharing inspiration with others and learning. I have been quilting since I was a teenager. My grandmother and mother taught me how to quilt. I made my first quilt as an 8th grade project. My grandmother bought embroidery blocks and helped me embroidery them. The second project that year she helped me put it together. The third project was the actual quilting of the quilt. I have been stuck ever since. They always teased me because I spent as much time being under the quilt looking at the stitches I had made as I did on top of the quilt making stitches. Now I am learning how to quilt with a HQ16. I still quilt by hand on special occasions. I have yet to make my favorite quilt. I like the piecing of the quilt better than I like the quilting. I love log cabin quilts.
Happy Quilting